Protect Your ID Card Printer Investment with a Dust Cover

Card Printer Dust CoverDO I really need to cover my card printer?

Dust can be almost invisible but the damage it can cause can be significant. Dust and other particles in most work environments, can accumulate in your ID Card Printer and cause spots on printed access cards or ID badges. More significantly, dust can contribute to printhead damage and a costly card printer repair.

Dust Covers are made of an anti-static nylon fabric and are available in many sizes to fit securely on your card printer. Position your ID Card Printer away from direct sunlight, air vents, and other heat sources. Try to keep the printer in a clean work area away from potential spills and other routine office hazards. Use a Dust Cover when the card printer is not in use – this will help ensure you will get top quality printed access cards and ID badges every time. Dust Covers can subtly reduce attention to the card printer in the office or security department, there fore reducing unwanted tampering with card printer settings.

Card Printer Dust Covers are an inexpensive investment that can add years to the life of your card printer and increase it’s trade-in value. Save 15% on all card printer dust covers with checkout code PROTECT15 at

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