J. O’Brien is proud of our team, on and off the “J.O’B.”

Michael Piana’s volunteerism

Being part of a team at J. O’Brien isn’t just the person you are on the job, but the one you are when you’re not. We’re so proud of the commitment our people have to the community, because they bring the same commitment to their jobs at J. O’Brien.

Michael Piana is a perfect example. During the day, he handles Security Management Sales for us. But even while he’s working, Michael is on call as a volunteer fireman for the North Providence Fire Department.

Since he was 16 years old, Michael has been a member of the NPFD. It’s a family thing, he says. His father is the deputy chief and his mother is part of the hose company. His uncle is the NPFD chief, and a cousin is the other deputy chief.

Members of the NPFD traveled to Staten Island after the 9-11 attacks on the city, to help with rescue and recovery. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Michael joined the rescue effort, working for days with little or no sleep.

Michael and the NPFD members recently took part in a Technical Rescue Squad drill to sharpen their technical rescue skills. The exercise focused on trench rescue, which could be pulling someone from a construction accident, structural collapse, or high-angle rescue. The process can be very complex. And, since 60 percent of the victims are rescue workers, the participants might someday be at the other end of the effort.

The Technical Rescue Squad is comprised of members of the New Providence Fire Department, Chatham Borough Fire Department, Roselle Park Fire Department, and New Providence EMS. The squad supports Union County’s rescue squad, and steps in when they can get to an emergency soon more quickly. The readiness drills are held twice a year.

Sharmay O’Brien, CEO of J. O’Brien, says that people like Michael Piana are a strong reflection of the company’s core values. “Michael exemplifies pursuing excellence, acting with integrity, and serving our world and community. We’re proud that he volunteers his time to help people in need.”

“I like to volunteer,” Michael says. “And J. O’Brien’s outlook on public service is intertwined with who I am.”

Thanks, Michael! You make us what we are.