Free house call for your school’s card printer.


There’s more to a card printer than plugging it in, loading the media, and letting it run. Cleaning is a key factor in extending the life of your printer. Dust and debris can build up inside, which not only impacts the print quality but also the life of the card printer.

To get the strongest return on investment, be sure to clean your card printer regularly. As a bonus for our new customers in education, we’re offering a free evaluation and cleaning of your school’s current card printer. We’ll examine and clean all of the components to make sure they’re in optimum working order and make any suggestions that could improve your ID card printing operation. The normal charge for this level of on-site service ranges from $125 to $396 per printer, but we’re giving you the card printer cleaning and evaluation for free, because we want to make sure that schools are implementing the best level of ID card security possible to protect their students, faculty, staff, and visitors, as well as the campus itself.

It may seem like a small thing, but the right ID cards can make a big difference in the safety and security of a facility and the people who use it. At J. O’Brien, our focus is not on selling products, but providing solutions that make sense. We partner with the leading ID card printing technology companies to make sure that schools have the most advanced, effective, and innovative products for secure ID card printing. And we support them with training, installation, service, and ongoing support.

If you’re a school in the New Jersey, New York City, or greater Philadelphia area, contact J. O’Brien to schedule your free card printer cleaning and evaluation. Being proactive is the first step in being protective!